Strategic Management Associates
Threat Management, Planning & Compliance

About Us

Derived from a consulting practice in 1990, Strategic Management Associates is a PUC Certified  Woman Owned-California Corporation, with headquarters in Culver City, California.  Located near Los Angeles International Airport, SMA’s offices are encompassed by DoD, Federal Government, Defense Contractors, Healthcare and Television/Movie studio organizations.  As a result, the region provides unparalleled access to advance technologies, access to domestic/international clientele locations and nationally recognized subject matter experts with industry-specific proven track records.

SMA's base of capability is predicated and in part derived from the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency's,  Joint Staff Integrated Vulnerability Assessment Teams.  Comprised of "Congressional Champions" from Corporate, IT, Transportation, Healthcare, Public Safety, Military and DoD sectors, whose staff's careers' developed during the growth, implementation and management of today's regulatory, operational practices and standards.

SMA's organizational foundation is predicated upon a trusted, solid environment of excellence, with each project managed, utilizing as appropriate time-tested practices including: